Name some things that are weird to think about being invented

Crisps for example were only invented in the 19th century. It’s weird that all those humans beforehand lived in a world without crisps.

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The first person to think that drinking cow’s milk was a good idea.

most sports make kind of sense to me, run or throw or hit something, but snooker always seems weird to me - get a table, put holes in it and then hit little balls into other balls in order with a stick. how did that start?

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cricket is the same.


Smoking tobacco. Ooh, I’ll throw this desiccated branch and leaves onto the fire…horrendous choking noises let’s never do that again.

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‘I wonder what will happen if we mix sugar, flour and eggs together and cook them for a bit’


Mmmm, I bet that brown residue left over will taste delicious and pose absolutely no longterm health risk

Name things it’s hard to imagine not existing because they’re such a standard feature of our society but they actually only got invented not that long ago therefore it’s weird.

Even the cake is crying!

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Made from a by-product of the brewing process…

Speaking of which - “Shall we see what happens if we put some flowers and grains and yeast in this water and just leave it in this barrel for a while?”

Think this thread just shows people are too risk aversive nowadays. Killing our creativity. Gonna chuck some petrol, sawdust, wax and rust water together to make the must have elixir of 2030


But then you have to imagine that at one point in time humans in Europe didn’t even have potatoes.