Name ten books japes read as a child.

Only the Livingstone ones?

Fuck you, Steve Jackson!

*fighting fantasy


Spot goes to the Zoo

Steve Jackson is nothing without Livingstone!

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Confusingly, one of the first additional authors they got in for the series was a DIFFERENT Steve Jackson. Fuckers.

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The fourth book on japes’s list (read when he was seven) is going to blow your minds.

War and peace?

See, he’s replaceable

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Enduring Love by Iain McEwan

The third policeman

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The Communist Manifesto

The Twits

Danny the champion of the world
Tintin the really racist one (Congo?)
Secret seven

Great expectations

One of those Michael Hardcastle football books.

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Hansard, full back catalogue.

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See zeal, this is why I put up with your bullshit and continue to have you in my team of investigators.

Correct answer, straight out of the gate.

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I fear you may regret this when you see my later choices.

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Ian Botham’s autobiography

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You’re on fire, zeal.

There’ll be stripes on your sleeves before long.

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