Name That Sleeper Bloke

Good silly quiz for a Friday


5 out of 10. I don’t know my sleeperblokes.



7/10. I wouldn’t say i guessed most of them.

Ted DiBiase


Bit mean with some of them poor Colin Greenwood

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Woody Allen




8/10. Much higher than I expected going in. Only properly recognised one of them - amazing how much of the aethetic of various random bands I subconsciously absorbed back then.

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9, surprised at that

  1. All of which were guesses. Although I recognised one of the fellas from Coldplay after I had got it wrong.

Initially embarrassed to get 8, but looking at your scores, I feel ok about it :grin:

Think using the poor lad from Lush who killed himself was a bit off.

Oh no I didn’t realise that was him, that’s awful and insensitive, yes.

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The pic I saw was Phil King, the second Lush bassist, not Chris Ackland. But recognise there are loads of additional choices as you try and improve your score.

10 on10, let’s make love

That was ridiculously easy though, if they had asked for actual names it would have been hard.

Yeah, it was definitely Chris on my round. Understand they can’t know everything and won’t have capacity to fully research but…there’s a few basics that should be a given if you’re doing this sort of thing.

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When I was a teenager I would easily have been able to name all members of Britpop bands I liked, now, definitely not!

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