Name that song (help) (guitar tab)

There’s a song that’s been stuck in my head for literally years, no idea of the name of lyrics or band - all I can remember is how to play the intro on guitar. I keep forgetting to record it but I thought I’d put it here on the off chance that someone would recognise the tab/upload a sound clip and see if someone else knows it. Long shot but :man_shrugging:

Mid/late 2000s British punky rock band with rough vocals, better than the landfill indie lot but not espeically original - someone like The Rifles.

(A string)
A barre (let ring, 8 beats)
C#minor (4 beats), E barre (4 beats)

Zero replies .

Vocaroo it pls

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Check back after lunchtime

Early Cribs?

smells like teen spirit