Name The 90s Bands!

Wrong answers only, please.

Reckon quizzes like this are the only reason anyone remembers that Matchbox Twenty existed.


Tree Chorus
Head In A Tranny
Pint Of Marbles
The Shoddy Chippies
Dead Dead Gourd
Riverdance In Bondage

Don’t know the rest.


Madder Rose
Velocity Girl
Butthole Surfers

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Cry Wood
Boombox Man
Kinky Girl
Melon Stomp
Double XBox
Pablo Honey
Music Crops

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I believe I got eight of the true answers, and did so quite quickly, but I can’t pick the ninth. I’m guessing it haas to do with the other objects on the table beside the matchbox?

It looks like a bloodied cleaver / cutthroat razor which has dripped blood onto a slice of white bread. As for the band name, no idea.

OK, I know who the band is now. I was misled by the handle on the cup/mug/tin/whatever. I was trying to think of bands called “Cup of…” or “Drink of…”

There is also at least one 21st-century band in the picture.

The XX Box
Squash Squash
Pint of Jam
Melody Field
Trees of Wrath
Twice Nailed

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I’ve still no idea. I also thought the left was Field Music but they don’t exactly fit in with any of the other bands.

Plank & The Health And Safety Hazards
Cold Toast
Stein Of Bubbles
Haunted Forest
Bondage In Wonderland
Musical Allotment
Half Sad Man/Half Electrical Appliance
Kicked Veg
Bloody Great Big Hole In The Ground
Matches Belonging To Jamie XX

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Trick question: that’s actually a The Fall album cover.

Pearl jam
Can’t work out the notes in a field thing though


Obviously really when you think about it. At least it won’t be keeping me up tonight!

So have others identified the noughties band that’s also in the picture?

Is it something to do with the cup? I have the other 9 I think Edit - just realised thats a jam jar

No, it’s something else on the table.

Is it The XX? I suppose you could include The Knife, The Jam and Bread too.