Name the bands on these kids' t-shirts

Was in Top-Shop-esque clothing store Cotton On yesterday with my daughter and passed several rows of pastely t-shirts with bands/solo artists on.

Not one of these has a starting ‘Years active’ range later than 1990 going off Wikipedia.

I have blurred the specific logo/image in each case but where a band/artist appears multiple times I have retained the same number so there are 15 different bands for you to guess in total.

I don’t think it should be too hard. Enjoy this brief diversion.


1 - Metallica @Iceblink
2 - Kiss @SenorDingDong
3 - Rolling Stones @SenorDingDong
4 - AC/DC @Ruffers
5 - Wu-Tang Clan @Pale-eyedBadger
6 - Sublime @Funkhouser
7- The Doors @bornin69x
8 - Nirvana @maps
9 - The Ramones @SenorDingDong
10 - Bob Marley @Pale-eyedBadger
11 - TLC @drastic_measures
12 - G’n’R @anon50098204
13 - J-Lo @drastic_measures
14 - Aaliyah @spicer
15 - Bowie @Pale-eyedBadger

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I can’t see them they’re blurred.

This is the LAST thread I needed to open on the booze. Thanks theo.


no. 2 is piss p sure

Two 4’s on here, I can’t deal.

Sorry 5! 4’s

2 - Kiss
3 - Rolling Stones
9 - The Ramones, maybe?

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11- Hanson

who’s 14? Marilyn manson?

13- T-Rex

I think one of the 4’s is ac/dc so all the 4’s might be ac/dc

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Yes, excellent work, those three are correct.

7- stone temple pilots

That is correct Ruffers.

This is Australia, what else can you expect? :smiley:


4A- Silverchair

5’s maiden

8- REM

Nope, sorry.

Ah, sadly not.

Nope. Very sorry NY!


It is not


The t-shirts aren’t too hard but I’m really stumped by the leggings.


7- Pink Floyd

Sadly, not