Named person in a song, what are they doing, any good?

Musical Youth - Youth Of Today.


Running off with an apple pie presumably.

Good, but no Pass The Dutchie, 5/10.

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The Peep Tempel - Carol


It was still too soon after the divorce, he and Carol only stayed together for a few weeks, and that friend of hers was such a weirdo.

Fucking marvellous, 8/10.


Protomartyr - Elvis Presley

Driving near Flagstaff, Az, Elvis is looking up at the clouds and daydreaming. Sees the face of Joseph Stalin in the clouds and doesn’t like it, but then they change into Jesus and he loves it.

Powerful stuff! 10/10


Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah - Jimmy White

Sadly Jimmy isn’t taking his diminishing abilities with the cue very well and according to the tabloids, is in fact on crack, again. Tragic

Sergeant Joe Roberts is shirking his duties

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