Names which are satisfying to chant repeatedly



Don’t make promises you can’t keep Mr Box.

‘Jookie’ is a very good one to chant imo, and I’m sure it would make me feel lovely inside if it ever happened


To the tune of the “Snooooop!” part from Drop it Like it’s Hot


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There was this weird kids story I read when I was younger that was so weird I thought I imagined it. It’s by Paul Jennings and was about a kid who reached puberty really early and got pubic hair. All the other kids called him Hare or something and he had this mate(?) who was like a mind control guru type person and he had to repeat his name as a mantra to move stuff with his mind. He eventually ‘moves’ his pubes and shares them amongst his peers.

Rya Devas or something was the guru man’s name and I still get it popping into my head occasionally.

Also found a copy of the book in my school’s library the other day!!!