Currently going through the fun process of trying to pick potential names for a future human being, bit of a crazy task, huh? Saddling someone with something for life (deed polls aside), trying to compromise between two different view points, tonnes of influencing factors, barely any of which are rational. Not easy.

Have you named another person? How did you do it? How did your own name come about? Have you ever changed it or considered changing it? Do you think some people suit their names, or is that a silly concept?

Let’s talk names.


I quite like my name except for my middle name. I believe I have it thanks to my brother though as my mum was putting forward all sorts of rubbish names.


Have a name for a little boy ready, and little girl we had an idea, but then Beckham used it. :frowning:

My family have a weird tradition that I feel obliged to carry on which is first born boy gets dad’s first name as middle name. Then second born gets father’s second name as middle name, etc.


I was supposed to be a David, but my mum changed her mind after seeing me. She says she has no idea what made her think of my actual name, as it wasn’t on the short list.

The UK Number One single during the week of my birth was Easy Lover by Philip Bailey and Phil Collins.


don’t 100% get the people suiting their names thing

‘you look like an alan’… is that because the bloke looks like someone you also know who is also named alan???


tbf Easy Lover Epimer does have a nice ring to it.




That’s what I mean!

But some people see their babies and, even though they had a name thought out, are like “Oh, they don’t look like a so-and-so.”


Set up a poll and we’ll help you decide


My parents ended up with a final 4 of Hamish, Angus, Kane and Jake for me. You can’t do much worse






Well, her first name, yeah.


My nephew’s name was changed after a few hours because his parents thought it didn’t suit. It is a bit of an odd thing to do. “This child doesn’t look anything like we thought he would!”


I think my sister’s going to go ultra Scottish for no. 2 if it’s a boy. Bit worried by some of those, and Fraser.


Most definitely not.

Getting two people to agree is bad enough. Group think will destroy everything.



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hope people reply to this thread with stories of how they were gonna be named.