Naming animals the name of another animal

Cheetah is the name of the chimp in Tarzan
@the_ravens (I think and also he is a human) has a cat called weasel
Something is probably called badger

Dog The Bounty Hunter


Cat Stevens


The dog in Frasier was called Moose


Professor Ratigan - Not a rat

Debatable at the moment tbf tbh

Weasel was the best cat :slight_smile:

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I knew a drummer called weasel but once accidentally called him spider

Zebra fish
Spider crab
Lizard men

We had a mouse called badger

Bonzo Dog

Reckon there’s loads of cats called Tiger

in the fudge books the titular character (fudge) eats their pet turtle so they get a dog and name it turtle

We have just read some of those Shrewbs! (well in the last few months).

I remember fudge wetting himself in Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing being the funniest thing I had ever heard when we read it at school and I was about 8.

Spider off Corrie

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Toadfish Rebecchi

Neither a toad, not a fish.

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And his bro, the Stonefish (not a stone, not a fish).

Simon Cowell. Not cow

But one 'ell of a prick!