Naming People (Children)

Parents and non-parents…what things influenced/would influence the names you pick(ed) for your children? Obviously don’t reveal names if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable.

Things like:

  • Names that are commonly used within your family?
  • Name of someone you admire?
  • Names that you like the sound of (e.g. if I had a girl, I like quite a few Irish names, despite not being Irish)?
  • Avoiding names that you think are “in fashion”?
  • Names that could make gender non-conformity easier (e.g. “Sam”)?

Names are getting wankier


I find the mentality that “ooh my child needs to have a unique name that you don’t hear very often and there won’t be another one in their class” is weird

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Are names heading for a fall?



Yeah I struggle with this. They’re all called things like Deia and Iolanthe now aren’t they.

Got several pregnant friends atm and I’m longing for one of them just to send a text announcing the arrival of John or something.

New names are fine, really. My personal beef is with people using nicknames for real names (Alfie etc.) but even as I type that I realise it’s a bit smalltime.

Yeah I feel this is going to lead us to lose the peculiarly British tradition of identifying people with the same name with a gentle pisstake.

“You seen John recently?”
“Which John? Big John?”
“Nah Shat-Himself John”


I dunno. I can kind of sympathise with the idea that creating a name is a way of declaring your non-conformity in a society that, for example, you feel is racist:


Yeah I don’t genuinely have an actual problem with it. People can name kids what they want.


My son’s name is Alex.

When we were watching A Clockwork Orange (and expecting), I said “Alex is a good name”. We wanted something that worked as the short and long version, that sounded good with our surname, and that didn’t have any obvious arsehole associations. In my mind I got to Alex van Halen and it was decided.

So yeah he’s named after the mentalist in A Clockwork Orange.


Having said that I’m well up for using mythical Welsh names mind which will seem extremely, extremely wanky.

Think I’ve mentioned before but my ma wanted to call me Blue.


That’s completely different from like “I like the name Sophie but there are too many Sophies so I won’t call my child Sophie” though isn’t it.

Da ba dee da ba di.


Oh, if you put it like that, I guess not.

I like Bran as well because it means raven in welsh and so is dead goth, and people would think you were named after a breakfast conducive to bowel movements.


think John is probably the best name for a boy, could be anything with a name like that.

If my daughter had been a boy, we’d have named her Sam.

Thankfully, she was born a girl. Two of the NCT folks had boys and named them Sam. There would have been hell to pay had there been a third.

We chose names that we liked but weren’t really in vogue, and then chose Irish names for middle names for my ex’s heritage.

Found it a lot more difficult finding names that we liked for my son than my daughter - a lot of boys names just sound a bit boring, and also my ex worked as a Primary school teacher so any names associated with toe-rags she’d taught were a no-no.

We ended up being torn between the name we chose and Albert for my son. I liked the idea of being able to call him Al, Albie, Bert or Bertie. Alas, we didn’t go down that particular cul-de-sac.

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Yeah thing is though you’d have genuinely pulled this off, and strongly.

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Would anyone name their child Gary? Just to bring it back…

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