naming things: objects

so i got a new phone. the “Nokia G10”. so wait, is it called the “Nokia G10” or the “G10”, by Nokia?

like, the “Samsung Galaxy S23” is not the “Galaxy S23” right, it needs the “Samsung” bit.

but then dick heads ensure it is simply the “iPhone 14” without the Apple part.

Same applies to games consoles. It’s the “PlayStation 5” by Sony, but then it’s the “Nintendo Switch”, by Nintendo?!

these things are important

*citation needed



No one says PlayStation 5 by Sony, just like no one says Microsoft Xbox

context innit.

can walk in to carphone warehouse or wherever and start banging on about the G10 and they’ll get what you mean. Do it down the IMF and they’ll think you’re on about leading economies or whatever.

Call it Phil the Phone.


some chat on a podcast i heard about American’s talking about UK soccer teams and referring to them as eg “the Arsenal Gunners” or “the Newcastle United Magpies”. There’s no logical reason why this is not OK but any football fan over here would be mortified hearing this done.

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Ah this is good I like this. The Glasgow celtic bhoys. The Glasgow rangers redacted.

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I don’t understand the question, sorry

Saw this tweet about the last Fiesta rolling off the production line. Is this a good example of folk saying the manufacturer along with the model name of the thing? I think most people say ‘Ford Fiesta’ rather than just ‘Fiesta’.

Nah, it’s just the Switch. Like the Gameboy.

And nobody’s got time or breath to exhale the whole word “Playstation” 5 when it can be shortened to PS5.