Nandos News

The churrasco flavouring is exceptional

I’ve got myself a red chili reward so at the weekend I’m getting a whole churrasco chicken and picking at it all weekend

Anyone got any Nandos News?

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Still never been. More to follow.

Very mild spoiler for Atlanta s3

There is a good bit involving Nandos in Atlanta s3


Not done a nandos for time, might go for lunch this week

I actually found the original one in Boston last week, which was nice


Chicken livers are back on the menu, and return to being the best thing to order at Nandos.

My vegan friend found some chicken in their vegan wrap or whatever quite recently. So i’ll probably never go again.

They should never have go rid of the black sauce



Not in a snobby way or anything, just never have and now I don’t live near one.

I haven’t had one in over two years. Is the delivery any good? Worried about wet chips.

you’d love it


they can be a little soggy but still good. the chicken tends to travel well.

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I do enjoy to eat chicken…

Yeah spot on although I do live literally on a street opposite a Nando’s

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Idea for a Star Wars tie-in promotion - The Nandolorian.


Oh shit got a new Homer joke

no thank you

Nandos Nudes

  • Nan do it
  • Nan don’t do it

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