Nandos plan to make it even harder for grassroots venues

What an awful idea. Feel free to tell em!



A one off night of live music in 5 locations across the UK (100-150 capacity in each)? Not sure this is going to massively damage the music industry tbh. Or am I missing something?


Christ, that article, they could have at least bothered to slightly rewrite the press release they got.

I think the point is: Nandos have been able to make money in lots of other ways than having their restaurants open. Music venues haven’t. On the first night that these venues can reopen, they’re going to compete for their business, the only business these venues can offer. Just seems really tone deaf even if it is small scale. Even Tesco managed to tell people to support their local pubs when they reopened - this is the equivalent of Tesco opening a few cocktail bars in their trolley parks on that day instead.


Oh and also: this is clearly a marketing stunt, and no doubt on June 21st their marketing will be all about these gigs, which will have enough novelty to get decent press coverage. It’ll drown out press coverage of actual music venues.

I’m not too sure people who were planning on supporting their local venues are going to cancel that so they can have a party in Nando’s instead

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Bet a gig in a Nandos would be properly rubbish.

Nah instead of asking for a pint you could ask for a water but use the glass to pour your own sneakily

Only after you’ve filled the glass with oddly flaky ice.

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Those five events holding 100 people each are going to finish off the industry for sure.

Order a Jagermeister but ask them to stick a little flag in which says Absinthe so the person you’re with thinks you’re hard

Well, Nando’s clearly think they will, else why would they bother?

And if you look at this from the other direction: what’s the good in Nando’s doing this? It’s clearly not to benefit live music venues, it’s to steal the limelight away from them, for no good reason I can see. Saving grace I suppose is that it’s a Monday night and I guess the big nights for venues will be the Friday and Saturday after. I can just see this stealing press attention away from venues - on a day’s press when local venues might feature, one of those venues might be removed in favour of Nando’s, which is a bit shit.

This is one bit of a stretch. They probably just want to throw an event to celebrate lockdown easing. They’re still a business who have been negatively affected by all this, I doubt it’s some nefarious plot to ruin other businesses

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The reason is that it gets punters in on a Monday night

Sorry, wasn’t clear there - I meant, how is this good for live music? It’s only good for Nando’s.

Anyway, I’m clearly in the minority here and can’t be arsed arguing it further. Surprised no-one except Sean and I feel like this is shitty thing to do though.

It reads like they’re creating a space for regular live music and DJs. Setting up in competition to local venues.

Surprised to see former Independent Venue Week ambassador Novelist taking part in this.

Even if it’s a one off
100 x £15 ticket + £15 spent on drinks = £3k
X 5
= £15k taken out of the live music ecosystem when venues have been shut and musicians & crew didn’t get much/any govt support whilst Nando’s have had staff on furlough and were still open on Deliveroo.

They’ll probably get £100k of free media coverage out of doing something like this and spend £50k on a pr and marketing campaign to align their brand with a project like this.

Imagine if they just sunk that money into giving free riders to musicians and crew to help save some money from promoter and show budgets (or even actually feeding some musicians who are losing money and getting no food or drinks for playing)