Got any good anecdotes about your Nans?



Didn’t really know my nan’s sadly but I just wanted to pop in and tip my hat to that thread title. Lovely stuff.


She once, pretty aggressively, called my TV a fucking dickhead, because she was trying to put a pair of new shoes on and forgot to take the paper and card out of the toe bit.

I would’ve said something, but I was too busy laughing


I think it might have been an Adam & Joe radio item or something, can’t take any credit for it I’m afraid.


She also misspelled my name on every birthday and Christmas card she ever sent me.


Happy birthday epmier


My grandma once bought my brother some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pyjamas as a birthday present. It was his 17th birthday.


My super-conservative gran has been slowly hauled away from various prejudices through her offspring and grandchildren. She told us recently over lunch that my 21 year old brother (who is gay) “just needs to find a sugar daddy”. In that same lunch she had referred to my grandfather’s study as “Ted’s glory hole” and didn’t get why we were pissing ourselves.


I appreciate your honesty.


For Christmas one year Mamgu got me a multi-pack of Kit-Kats and both of my brothers got multi-pack of Co-op own brand equivalents. Would regularly bring it up as indisputable proof that I was the favourite grandchild.

Saying that though the year before she’d given my cousin’s girlfriend a toiletries bag with some toiletries and a lightbulb in it. She’s dead now, RIP.

Found a pic!


My nan ironed a hole in my t-shirt once (my parents were in the process of moving house so my nan was laundering our clothes) cut it off where the hole was and sewed in a new hem. Was very proud that she’d done it because ‘these are really stylish at the moment aren’t they’ so to appease her I had to sit through lunch in a DIY crop top


my incredibly religious nan has recently started referring to walking the dog as “dogging in the woods”. my mum has tried repeatedly to explain that this is a bad idea without going into too much detail as to why, as this might well finish the old girl off.


One year my brother got a bmx for Christmas, my nan gave him a present and said ‘these are for your pushbike’. It was a 3 pack of small jars of Tiptree jam. Absolutely no idea what the thought process was


my other nan is quite a character as well. i’ve detailed some of her exploits on this here website before, but here you go again, anyway:


She once got absolutely hammered on a holiday in the south of France and trashed the static caravan they were staying in. We popped round in the morning and found their clothes all over the parking space, the inside of the caravan blitzed (cushions everywhere, contents of the bin in the shower ect…). My dad opened up the bathroom door to find her naked, hugging the toilet.

She blamed the mess on a local stray dog and her hangover on the fact that “it got a little too chilly, and I wasn’t wearing the right amount of layers”.

She’s a wonderful woman


My grandmother-in-law just snuffed it and she had four children. In her will she left 26% to three of them and 22% to one of them, just to spite her. (the other three aren’t telling the one missing out)


locked my dad in a chest refrigerator while she went to the shops cause he gave her lip.

also forced him to wear shorts all through high school instead of long pants.


Firstly, RIP to your nan.

That said, this sentence reads really ominously in relation to your cousin’s girlfriend…