My English grandma was in the Navy during WWII, didn’t realise how badass that made her until a few years ago


One Christmas, Nan wasn’t so well, she’d started walking with a stick and was on a cocktail of drugs, including a nice morphine patch. Anyway, Christmas and all, she decided to treat herself to a small bacardi. I came into the living room and she was dangling upside down on the sofa like some sort of crazed batlady. “LOOK AT ME TUNA!” No idea how long she was waiting like this either



My dad’s mum sent a Christmas card to us this year “To Meowington and Partner” because she forgot my boyfriend of many years’ name and couldn’t be bothered to ask someone.

My mum’s nan recently got invited on holiday by a man whose wife had just died and he just wanted to change the name over on the holiday tickets rather than lose the holiday. She declined.


Magic. Don’t ask, don’t get I guess.

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she got licked by a giraffe and she’s allergic to camels


Every Easter she’d do an Easter egg hunt and there would be chocolate eggs and some hollow ones with pound coins in. But she would also make some hard boiled eggs with coloured shells. Which sounds fine, but she’d over boil the eggs and the shell is semi permeable so you’d get a pale blue albumen and a grey yolk. But every year she’d make like 30 of them so our parents insisted we eat a couple each before we were allowed to crack on with the chocolate

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All the germanics make those eggs. Meine mutti is always at it.

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She also made her own mayo for her kartoffelsalat which was a fucking winner so I’ll let her off

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Nans don’t seem to give a fuck about a partner’s name until they marry in. My Nan always, at least once, loudly asks me what my sisters boyfriends name is at events / when we all visit her. They’ve been together six years and own a house together, plus he always makes an effort to chat to her one on one when they meet. Pretty sure she’s just playing mind games.

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  • Nan
  • Nana
  • Gran
  • Grandma
  • Grandmother
  • Nonna
  • Oma
  • Meema
  • Their actual first name (wtf!)
  • Other
  • No grandmothers

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Dad’s Mum was Gran, Mum’s Mum is Nan.

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No, mum’s mum is grandma, dad’s mum was nana

Fucking weirdo

When I first met my wife’s grandma, and she asked me what I do for a living, she somehow misheard town planner as chemist. After a few years of trying to correct this, I gave up. My wife and I have been married for almost 11 years. Her grandma still thinks that I’m a chemist.


Please don’t be bigoted against me, Balonz and the other Europeans of the board

Take me ouuuuuut toniiiiiiiiiiiiight…


My Granny is called Granny, is the word Granny weird or tory or something

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There is no causality here

My feelings have been a casualty of your cruel words