NaNoWriMo 2018

Anyone else planning to resign themselves to a 2019 attempt this year?

Might do in a bid to get my dissertation rolling. Haven’t done it since like 2007.

the name ‘nanowrimo’ really pisses me off for some reason, but good luck to everyone doing it.


Every year I say I’ll do this, every year I fail. My pal is doing a 500 word a day thing instead, which is a little more feasible so I might try that.

Don’t really have any solid concepts/characters in my head that I want to write about, either. But, safety in numbers and all that! I’ll give it a go if you are :smiley:

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One of my mates is 20,000 words in and is using this as his push towards finishing.

I’ve had a couple of ideas in my head for years that I think would be interesting. If I haven’t started by Friday, it’ll be next year though.

Feel like there should be a UK version for December. I mean the notion is, that in the States you get Thanksgiving weekend so there’s a block at the end of 4 days off to help complete.

Anyway I JUST did it in 2005 when I was single and there was no phone Internet to distract me. So I am fully impressed by anyone who can achieve this.

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No chance



Nah, No WriMo.


Ooh, possibly. I don’t really want to put my other writing project on the back burner though… Hmm…

did anyone ever read it?

edit: not having a go or anything. can imagine if i did something like this there’s no way i’d want to show it to anyone

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Oh fuck no.

I actually went back 6 months after and added ~30K words and deleted about ~10K. What I ended up with was 70K uninteresting novel but a sense of satisfaction from having ‘completed’ it.


I mean the original 50K was a complete story but it was so completely messy it needed the editing to make full sense.



Would do, but I should really finish some of the articles\reviews I’m currently working on.