NaNoWriMo 2019

It’s that time of year again to write furiously for a week and give up! Last time round I got to 12,500 words in my explicitly socialist fantasy novel. Should I revisit it? Start again? Try something new? WHO KNOWS WHAT FAILURES AWAIT

I’ve never really understood what this is

An event that encourages writing. The challenge is to write a 50,000-word novel from scratch in a single month, but really it’s just meant to help people get started on the creative writing process.

Why is it called that though?

I sometimes come up with stories but I don’t write them down

NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth

Would like to do this again but I have RSI and a computer based job :frowning:

Now I understand. Thank you.

(It should be NaNoNoWriMo (the extra No is for November)

As I always say, I did this once, ten years ago, and finished a novel called Aviator. It was… fine? But needed a lot of polishing.

I’ve never finished it. So there.

I’m always tempted.

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Was it a novelisation of the Scorcese film? I feel like that’s cheating.

Should probably try this at some point. So often too knackered to write when I come home from work though, like I can but I need to properly plan to do so

NaNoNoWriMoMo? The extra mo is for motivation.

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I like that!

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I’m very glad!

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Haha, no it was a full blown Sci Fi post-apocalyptic desolate wasteland novel.

Fine, here’s the outline of it;

Following a cataclysmic event, the world’s a shit hole. Massive areas of the world have been uninhabitable due to nuclear fall out for years, and after decades of in-action the world’s governments are finally working together to try and reclaim those areas. To do this, huge landships roam the dried out seas and old cities, trying to find out if life can return to our old homes. The novel focuses on an crew called the Firefight, from the cruiser Serenade, who fly huge bipedal mechs called Aviators into these areas, and find that all is not what it seems…

Man, it sounds kinda shit and cliche doesn’t it. Like a PS3 game. Maybe it is. Hahaha.

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Sounds decent! More of a plot than I ever came up with.

Think there will increasingly be more of an overlap between games and novels in future:

The last story I came up with was about Lorraine Kelly deciding she’d had enough with all the early starts and so she just got everyone to shift her Breakfast TV show back a couple of hours so she could have a lay in. What happened was the rest of the country failed to realise that she was on later and because she was such a reliable indicator that it was time to leave for work the entire nation started going in a couple of hours late and there was a financial meltdown as a result with rioting and all sorts.

Reckon I could squeeze 50,000 out of that?


Absolutely. Will Self would turn that into a 600 page epic.

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Thanks. I think the weakest part was my characterisation, because the ten year ago version of me was woeful at writing female voices, and I decided to make all my characters female. Some of the dialogue is fucking atrocious!

The world buidling was fun. I even considered changing it from a novel to a series of fake Wikipedia articles set in-world. That seemed like a cool idea, but never got round to sort it out. Like, you’d read the Wikipedia set in-universe to find out about the events, characters, history, back story.

I’m a sucker for that meta shit, the Wiki stuff sounds great.

At uni there was an annual anthology of student writing and I remember in there once was a story written entirely as a director doing a DVD commentary track (the guy who did it is now a big shot novelist). Fucking amazing idea.

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idgi still, splurging out 50,000 words in a month doesn’t seem like the best approach for novel writing unless you’re jack kerouac or nell zink

I imagine nobody has ever said this before