Napping [Audit]



Please let us know about your napping habits.

Nap frequency

  • Daily
  • Few times a week
  • Rarely
  • Never

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Avg. length

  • Power nap (15-20min)
  • An Hourish
  • 2 Hours +

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How do you usually feel after a nap?

  • Refreshed!
  • Normal
  • Groggy

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Describe your feelings towards naps generally

  • Big fan
  • Necessary Evil
  • Try to avoid em tbh m9

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Other nap chat: allowed
General sleep chat: not allowed


I’m a HUGE fan of the idea of naps. But I cannot nap and if I do very rarely nap, I wake up and feel like i want to vomit for the rest of the day.


When was your last nap

  • Today
  • This weekend
  • A while ago
  • Dunno

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I literally just had one. Went to my car to eat my lunch and read my book, but after eating my eyes starting going so I set the timer on my phone and BAM.

An hour later I’m back at my desk feeling shit hot.


can’t function after a nap, tend to wake up feeling absolutely awful and often just need to go to bed properly. find it much easier to just power through the tiredness.


Ever had a non hangover induced nap?[poll type=regular]

  • Yes
  • No


I get this at first. Eventually there’s a payoff of additional energy, but the initial feeling is groggy and vommy.


has to be power nap for me. any longer and i feel terrible. want to try this:


Can’t nap won’t nap


without even reading this i’m fully behind the science


an actual bbc doctor bloke was recommending it on this, especially for tired drivers:


That’s having a cup of coffee before the nap right so you only sleep for 30 mins?

cause the caffiene kicks in after 30 mins?
i cant be arsed to read it


The feeling just doesnt leave me though :cry:


I tell you what, this does link to the other thread in that if I nap, I want to brush my teeth. Otherwise your mouth feels horrible.


yep, exactly that


Only ever when ill, obviously


don’t really do proper naps but a good lie down can work nicely

on saturday we did a fairly lengthy pub session then everyone came back to ours. in order to keep going i had a big portion of chips and then a lie down. meant i could keep drinking quite easily for another few hours.


take it to the ‘good lie down’ thread m8




power naps, breh