Naps πŸ˜΄πŸ›ŒπŸ’€

Just had one and now feel so sick. Forgot how much i hate getting into bed for a nap. A sleep on the bus or train or desk is welcome in my books but tricking my body by sleeping in bed is not

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  • I hate all naps
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I like naps and wish I was better at them
Jealous of people who can and do sleep anywhere

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Not a fan. Just wake up feeling icky.


recently started having more naps as I’m working from home all the time. Have quite a lot of dreams which is fun. Sometimes feel a bit weird when I wake up but a few cups of tea usually puts me right

Love naps, have become a bit dependent on them though and struggle a lot without one.

They only go wrong if they last too long, gotta have an alarm/wake up call and stick to it.

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Sometimes a nap is OK but I find if I’m really really tired then it’s just making my body go through the trauma of waking up after not enough sleep for the 2nd time


Haha i am like this and wish i wasn’t, probably because im an ugly sleeper (drool, open mouthed snoring) and have had to be woken up by strangers more times than is really normal :sweat:

Don’t like naps, sometimes have them out of necessity but would prefer to never nap


Like them but if needed try to get them out of the way as early as possible. Anything past 4pm is danger zone.

Also nothing over an hour.


I don’t nap unless I’ve done something silly like a fucking enormous bike ride the day before. I always feel horrific after. Should just neck a few coffees and do something else.

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I should have done this, have had an unexpected day off and instead of doing the million things i need to do i just went to asda to buy pizza (where an old lady went up to a staff member, peered at his nametag and called him George :joy: :heart:) ate it all then slept for three hours


having two beers and a big dinner and a nap on the weekend is :100:

Don’t like naps really, mainly as I can’t sleep as well come bedtime.

They make me feel so sick.
I love the idea of them more than I like them.


I always have a 30-45 minute nap between 3pm-ish and 5pm-ish.

Feel exactly the same afterwards.


Fucking love day sleeping.


Make sure u nap no longer than 30 mins or so and you’re golden

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I can’t sleep if I know I only have 20-30 minutes until the alarm beeps.

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Then you don’t need a nap.

Alarm set for 40 mins gives me 10 mins to nod off.

If I sleep for longer I feel much worse than before

Also. Have an espresso then start your nap. It doesn’t really kick in til you wake.

  1. It’s filly possible to get stressed even if you’re super tired

  2. Who said anything about needing