Naps πŸ˜΄πŸ›ŒπŸ’€



This is more of a hobby. Also if shes queen of pizza like she says thats a lot of sleepy dough time

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Yes, exactly this. Fine to take the edge off a crushing fatigue, but that’s about it.

Weekend naps are great. Any time between 2.30pm and 4pm. c45 mins. Bloody lovely


I can’t resist naps but I absolutely hate how I feel after them. So I don’t avoid them but I always regret it.

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I like the use of filly and your picture of a horse


Hah! Obvs a typo, but I’ll leave it like that.

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Sorry @saps

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You shower after naps silly.

ITT lots of young people, for whom naps are optional, rather than a necessity when your crappy old body goes on strike with no notice.


I’d nap every day if I could, 45 mins is ideal. Love getting up early at the weekend getting all the shit I have to do out the way then napping after lunch

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Also people with decent mental health


I can’t remember the last time i napped

Always wake up with a weirdly stiff jaw if I have a nap (doesn’t happen with normal sleep) and have a disturbing theory as to why

Naps can be a good way of avoiding people too. Don’t even need to sleep.

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Let’s hear it

Riding that feeling that you’re about to fall asleep for all it’s worth is better than napping imho.

Really great getting to that stage where you can only hold one thought for a long time.

I always get really awful thoughts after waking up from a 15/30 min nap. Like what the fuck am I actually doing with my life, and then I get paranoid that everyone secretly hates me and is conspiring against me.

Better to stay tired imo.

Went through a 6 month spell of being so heavily medicated that I had to nap for two hours in the middle of every day as I’d be exhausted from the minute I woke up. Came off the medication and almost immediately stopped needing those naps. Thanks for nearly getting me fired, GP.

Now I only nap when I’ve had an early afternoon session on a Saturday. Which still isn’t great.