fucking hell these people are hard to deal with! exhausting!!!

know any good narcissists? maybe YOU are a narcissist?


I think most people are narcissists these days, get with the fucking programme gramps.


is this what a millennial is? I lose track


i think not, not proper full blown shit


I dunno man, we’re heading that way aren’t we? The notion of “self” being the be all and end all, more platforms than at any point in human history to indulge our self-expression or whatever. Got no real notion of whether it’s a good or bad thing but I don’t think it’s unfair to say we’re living in an extremely most self-obsessed period of time.


I am being tired out by one at the moment oddly - an old friend who has gone from being a generally decent person to someone who repeatedly just sort of does what they like to the detriment of others, then turns that into a pity party of how they hate who they’ve become and they need to stop drinking etc, and then a week later it’s back to this loop. Never seen someone so dogged in putting themselves as the only thing that matters in the slightest. Gently removing them from my life, basically.


Defence mechanism brought about by psychological damage, probably best to cut them some slack


constantly cutting people slack is pretty exhausting maaaaaaaan


Are we talking people who love themselves of full blown narcissistic personalities? I know a couple of people who have mum’s with that (one worse that the other), it sounds… difficult.


Terrible relatives I do my best to avoid.


I wouldn’t lower myself to hanging out with narcissists


But enough about RFWore


like everyone else with a netflix subscription, have been rewatching a lot of gilmore girls, so, lorelai


She’s just the worst isn’t she


have had to stop watching s5 cause she’s making me want to just shout OTHER PEOPLE HAVE LIVES TOO at her


I really like the show a lot but she is basically unbearable.


just a character, innit

she’s meant to be sarcastic as a defence mechanism and she’s smug because she’s always been stubborn and things have always worked out just fine for her so far (bar her love life)


Aye, I find her immensely watchable and a great character but if she existed in real life I wouldn’t want to be her friend.


i am talking about pretty full blown narcissism, in particular the Vulnerable narcissist -
talks about themselves constantly, exaggerates accomplishments, doesn’t listen to anyone else, describes most other people in an unfavourable light, hypersensitive to any criticism to the extent that any conversation that involves a slignt difference of opinion becomes totally derailed, needs constant praise etc etc



[redacted disser] isn’t ALWAYS like that, be fair