Narcos - maybe spoilerzzzzzzzzzzzz?



not blown away by it, I’m gonna be honest.

weak acting, not great character development*. full of cliches. other stuff


*Pablo, Pena and Tata aside



watched the first couple of episodes but found the narration too irritating


^ This


Not enjoying the second series that much yet. Really enjoyed the first. Found the hardening/softening of the younger/older agents a bit too textbook too. Bit Gritty Cop.


Limon is a great character. He has a great subplot, and it’s good to see Escobar/Medellin from ground level.

He also looks exactly like a Colombian Jeremy Renner (right).


have seen it all so far except most of S02 and can say it’s fairly entertaining for sure


does anyone wanna come round mine and play the pablo escobar adjusting trousers drinking game?


Does it still have a narrator explaining everything to people who can’t follow basic plots?

Sounds like they’re narrating a Southern Comfort advert as well.