Nas + Regina Spektor = Hamilton Mixtape


They’ve got some ace people to do this:

Don’t even care how sad it makes me, I reckon this will be awesome.




and Jimmy Fallon & The Roots


What could be better?


a retail mixtape with all this fresh talent! Will surely be as successful as the Game of Thrones mixtape!!11!!!


Listening to this now. Nas is excellent on Wrote my Way Out (@Antpocalypsenow)


Oof, the Watsky track is a bit duff though.


The man never made a duff in his life.


Immigrants (We Get the Job Done) is the highlight so far - takes one line from the original musical and runs with it, takes the spirit of it and transforms it into something different. The Kelly Clarkson and Alicia Keys songs are good covers of the big torch songs, but they just feel like covers.