Nathan For You and The Rehearsal

Starting to feel this way after episode 3, but simultaneously finding the way it builds dread is incredibly effective. After the amount of plot seeds in the first episode the second two feel like the pace has dropped a hell of a lot, but this could all be vindicated by what comes next.

I feel this slow burn style is creating a lot of depth to these characters without making those traits explicit. I’m still cautiously optimistic for what comes next.

My wife was watching it over my shoulder and when it got to the bit where they were filming the Instagram video, she had to leave, her cringe tolerance had reached its limit.

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You’ve seen episode 3? Supposed to be out Friday, evening I assume.

Seen two episodes, and it’s already made me feel more awkward than pretty much anything I’ve seen - but I also don’t really care about nathan fielder or emma stone in it (even though they are a obviously great for the roles); the Safdies’ films made me care about more annoying, probably worse characters. Still intrigued (or more than intrigued) to see how it goes

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Saturday is a weird day for it to be released. Least optimum day for tv watching imo

episode 3 is undoubtedly the best acting fielder’s ever done but that episode was so bleak throughout i dunno how anyone could ever say they ‘enjoyed’ watching it


Strange, I did think it was a bit soon, but it was available and I watched it

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Wonder if it was released early by accident cause my Paramount is showing it as available but when I go to watch it says theres an error

Or maybe I’ve been cursed

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Enjoyed the 3rd ep.

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Alice Coltrane in every episode please

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Was that freeze frame at the end of ep 3 because Fernando was about to get killed or was it just a freeze frame to end the episode

I am really enjoying this show.

Dougie :confused:

Really enjoyed the first two eps. Right up my street.

Not watched it yet but thought this looks like it’s right up tones Straße

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That bit was my highlight of the show so far. Incredible.

I agree, I also agree that I’ve never seen Nathan Fielder act so well before. Thinking about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Nathan Fielder act before.

I think his performances in The Rehearsal and Finding Frances are incredible and count as acting.

I haven’t seen Finding Frances, but I do now question how much is just Nathan being Nathan in the rehearsal, and how much is him nailing the acting.

Finding Frances is incredible, man


Here I go, digging in again