Nathan For You and The Rehearsal

Finished the third episode, I think I give up

Just finished episode 4, feel like I’m starting to lose interest in the whole thing a bit. Sure, they’re terrible people in their own way, and sure, we’ve gotten a bit of development in The Curse aspect of it all, but it’s just so slow paced. If the cinematography was beautiful, or the character development scenes were more interesting in their own right, I wouldn’t mind, but I found my mind wandering a few times while watching that one. There’s still enough there to make me want to know where it’s going, but we’ll see how it all plays out.


Yeah after such a promising opening 2 episodes this is losing me a bit. Maybe the pay off will be worth it?

I was thinking pretty much the same as this after episode 3, but 4 brought me back around - more like what I was hoping for from the series - more safdie, better proportion of ominous weirdness to excruciating awkwardness imo

I think the second episode was the weakest but I’ve really enjoyed 3 and 4.

Based off the episode 4 thing where the show has been picked up by the network, (for now) - I really have no idea what the next few episodes will be like. Time jump maybe?

I’ve started Nathan For You, finally. Can’t watch more than 1 episode in one sitting as I deal so badly with awkwardness and cringe.


Its well worth it though


dougie stuff - good
asher and whitney stuff - pretty boring and obvious so far? really hope some sort of payoff is coming

Opposite for me

dougie british stuff in the back of a van or taxi


Think the scene at the end of episode 4 in comedy circle might be the most I’ve cringed amongst Fielders stuff




That episode escalated the discomfort by a lot. I loved it - but it was exhausting.

Don’t think I’ll ever be able to cope with a Fielder show

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Completely lost it at the NFY ep with the gas rebate up a mountain.


You drink your grandson’s pee?

(Funniest moment I have ever seen in anything)


Because you were scared?

What the hell are you talking about?


just watched episode 1 and don’t really have an opinion on it, which is fine but doesn’t exactly make me want to sit through another hour. uncomfortable and draining is certainly a vibe but it ain’t for me, i’m assuming that’s pretty much how the show plays out (so far)?

I am Sean Connery and I want a massage

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