Nathan For You


if it’s real people, I can’t deal with it, to be quite honest with you friend.


I understand that fully, I’ve got a pal like that who I recommended this to and he just couldn’t deal with that level of discomfort.


maybe drinking will help? I think I might try drinking.


I’m sure it helps some people with some things!


if it works for me and I can fully enjoy the pure comedy of the television programme ‘Nathan For You’, I will let you know, and you can advise your friend as much.


You’re a pioneer!


just watched those clips above.

Can confirm it’s not funny


Oh come, come now Bammers.


I smirked a bit at the second attempt to snatch the papers from the lawyer but that’s it.

What’s the angle meant to be?


The premise is he goes into failing businesses and gives them ideas on how to improve in kind of a Kitchen Nightmares style parody thing. The comedy is derived from the ideas being both absurd but actually having logic that would tangibly work, that coupled with the fact the participants take it all at face value from this extremely deadpan guy who has an air of legitimacy about him makes it very, very funny IMO.


There’s no way in hell that lawyer sequence with him saying “what kind of fucking lawyer am I signing and not reading this” is real.

Also the old guy laughing whilst talking about drinking children’s pee, he was told to say that and couldn’t play it straight.


I choose to believe that it’s real after listening to as many interviews as possible with him, I believe him until proven otherwise innit.


of course he would claim that but yeah enjoy what you like :slight_smile:


I like to think I have quite a good bullshit detector in general but yeah, can easily see why people think it’s not above board innit, I just don’t happen to be one of those people. I certainly wouldn’t go to battle over it or anything :slight_smile:


I think some it must be real and some of it the people probably know it’s weird or have twigged but it’s still funny. I hope so but I suppose it doesn’t really matter either way


Yeah, I think you can tell when the people have twigged because those episodes tend to then spiral off and become their own thing, Dumb Starbucks being a prime example.


Like the dumb Starbucks one where the people all thought it was banksy or something. So funny


celebration thing was ok
first episode was great.
the long handcuffs :smiley:
when the owner called him an angel :slight_smile:




That first proper episode was incredible, perfect illustration of the lengths he goes to for his ideas to “work”