Nathan For You


“Goat in the water!”


Is there an episode of this where he argues with like a consultant or something over how many penises he’s seen? I’ve been trying to find the show that’s from for ages, I’m sure it’s the same guy.

It made me giggle a ridiculous amount.


Haven’t watched it for a while (and I’m going to go back and do it because it’s literally amazing) but I feel like I remember this discussion with a lawyer in The Claw of Shame episode (where he does a Houdini like escape act to avoid a machine pulling his trousers down and exposing him in front of children which would legally make him a sex offender)



I can’t remember where I saw this but I’m definitely going to watch this show, I loved that.


That’s the very first episode!


I think a work pal may have had this clip on his phone for some reason. Thanks for the tip, I’ve never got round to actually hunting this down before.


It’s great, the first episode is one of the more juvenile ones but it’s a fucking brilliant show.



So I’ve been working my way through it and I’d say 90% of the time I’m thinking it’s the funniest fkn thing I’ve seen in I don’t know how long. I mean, I’ve been crying with laughter at points and that’s unheard of for me.

Only episodes I’ve so far had beef with were the Hollywood souvenir one, which kind of felt harsh on the people who genuinely thought they were meeting Johnny Depp; everybody has heroes or is a fan of someone famous, surely. No reason to shit on them, or trick them into thinking Johnny Depp actually likes their acting.

Also the “Daddy’s Watching” one…I got what he was going for but it felt a bit flat.

Beyond that I’m a tiny bit envious of how he thinks this shit up, and that he has the budget to stage really elaborate and stupid stunts and somehow is still able to convince people it’s real. The Haunted House tour which tricks people into thinking the actors have genuinely given them fatal diseases was actually an amazing idea, which is it what made it even funnier imo.


Think it’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen, I love it so much


think I might be ready to try again with this. quite excited.


I watched the first episode on the stref’ of this thread and am glad I did. It’s right up my street.


I can’t help feeling sorry for all the people he’s getting to make terrible choices, assuming it’s not all setup. All feels a bit “IT’S JUST A PRANK, YO!”, punching down.


this is what I worry about, actually. like… a friend was describing an episode the other day, and it sounded a bit wrong.

but… idk. I have only watched a couple of episodes.


I really liked when he punished the line cutter with the normal gum.


Started watching this again from the fourth series onwards. The scenes of them.rehearsing the Michael Richards impersonator walking through the door


nah i dont think its like that at all really

genuinely think its the funniest thing ive ever seen


I have watched it again since and now I love it

“goat in the water”



Absolutely in tears at the second Uber one


just gonna use this thread to mention the best bits cause noone else I know likes it, but the one with the bodybuilder moving stuff is absolutely amazing. the book is still on Amazon!

also the band with the smoke detector :smiley: this show is so great