National Album Day 2020

How are you marking National Album Day ™?

I’ve got this beauty on, a record I love so much it makes my eyes prickle with tears every time I put it on, even after 30 odd years.



Iron Maiden debut album 40th. Still a corker and damn fresh.


Probably play High Violet lol


Just a brilliant listen.


Will probably stream a best singles of 2020 playlist


The 80s is the theme this year so I’ll be playing these ones (after I’ve been into town to buy Pillow Queens and Death Valley Girls):

Blue Orchids - The Greatest Hit
Aztec Camera - High Land, Hard Rain
The Gun Club - Miami
The Dream Syndicate - The Days of Wine & Roses

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Played Gram Parsons two albums earlier.

Had a little delivery yesterday with some new/new old albums including RTJ4 so have those on the weekend listening stack.

Might see what you all mention to provide some inspiration for later.

Currently binging Hotel Neon’s discography; midway through Side A of Inward, now. Once I’m done with all the ambient drone I can eat, I’ll be turning to Underworld’s mighty little Drift box-set that’s just come through the door. I cannot believe this thing is ~£30.

I have been listening to Rev Hammer’s “The Bishop Of Buffalo” LP. I got a vinyl copy off Discogs which arrived yesterday, because it has two extra tracks that weren’t on the CD. It’s been good to reacquaint myself with some lovely songs, and and then the two “new” tracks are a little bonus on top.

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Been listening to Village Green. It’s back on my earphones after yesterday’s How Good Were They Really thread.