National European tour and pre-sale code

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The National are offering you presale access to get tickets for their upcoming tour before the public.

Presale starts now
Offer code: THESYSTEM
Ends May 18th at 10pm local
16.09.2017 Cork, IE Tickets
17.09.2017 Dublin, IE Tickets
18.09.2017 Dublin, IE Tickets
20.09.2017 Edinburgh, UK Tickets
21.09.2017 Edinburgh, UK Tickets
22.09.2017 Manchester, UK Tickets
23.09.2017 Manchester, UK Tickets
25.09.2017 London, UK Tickets
26.09.2017 London, UK Tickets
27.09.2017 London, UK Tickets
28.09.2017 London, UK Tickets
23.10.2017 Berlin, DE Tickets
24.10.2017 Berlin, DE Tickets
25.10.2017 Amsterdam, NL Tickets
28.10.2017 Lisbon, PT Tickets
30.10.2017 Brussels, BE Tickets
31.10.2017 Brussels, BE Tickets
04.11.2017 Stockholm, SE Tickets
05.11.2017 Stockholm, SE Tickets
06.11.2017 Oslo, NO Tickets
07.11.2017 Oslo, NO Tickets

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oof, Norway sold out quick eh!


Thanks for being a fan.

Dumb question, but how do I use this code? Couldn’t see anything on Ticketmaster

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Yeah where do i enter this code? Got a link?

I got it through an email. I guess the hyperlinks don’t work. Which date do you want?

Either of the Dublin ones. Cheers

Can I get the Manchester pre sale link please?

Can anyone send me a London Monday pre sale link please? Thanks!


Chopping the chalk out on the cistern, snouting it up and fucking THESYSTEM.

Cheers mate.
Sadly none left for either. Missed out via the fan presale on Monday too.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Does anyone have a link for edinburgh presale? :pray:

Just bagged tickets for 2nd night in Dublin. Both shows look to have sold out in about 2 minutes!

Ticketmaster seemed to go straight to sold out from 10:00:01, but got straight through with seetickets. Worth a look for anyone still hoping to get tickets.

Yeah all Edinburgh standing tickets were already sold out before they went on sale, It sounds mad but I’m convinced Live Nation/Ticketmaster and the artists (who they all work with) deliberately hold onto tickets for a bigger cut of the secondary markets.

Bagged 2 seating tickets for Manchester Saturday gig, absolutely buzzing.

Wanted 4 to bring my parents…but they’ve seen them before/are going to Glastonbury so not too fussed.

2x seating tickets for Edinburgh in the bag. Right at the front of the upper circle so that’ll do nicely. Pretty buzzed for it.

Agree with @Benny16, definitely some funny business going on with ticket sales. Even with presale, they’re not going to let ALL of the standing tickets go in the presale, are they?

or maybe not, I just managed to get two standing for Edinburgh.