National European tour and pre-sale code


WAT? how?


Usher hall website seems to still be selling them?


Thanks man. Now the difficult decision of whether to buy them and try and sell the (semi decent) seating tickets or just stick with what I've got...


Still tickets for London on Eventim as at 2:50pm, just bought standing for Monday. Bit cheaper than Tickemaster as well.


Thanks! I got so angry at the fees on the first site that I couldn't bring myself to buy the tickets, but I went for this. (probably was only about £2 cheaper overall, but it's the principle!)


Someone bumping the other thread has reminded me…
I’ve double booked myself over the weekend of the Manchester dates. Got 2 standing for Friday and would like to swap for 2 standing on the Saturday. Any takers?


This is soon! Any idea who is supporting at the UK dates?


This Is The Kit in London.
Luluc for Dublin, Edinburgh and Manchester shows.


National tonight in Manc.
Anywhere around the Apollo decent for a pre-gig pint?


The area around the Apollo is proper rough, I wouldn’t risk any of the pubs in the immediate vicinity. I know some mates who found themselves in one full of IRA stuff and were very quickly ‘asked’ to leave.

Kro Bar on Oxford Road about 10 minutes walk away usually has a good range of beers and may be en route if you’re getting the train in.


Looks like I have a spare standing ticket for Monday. Can meet at the venue.


Real game of two halves last night, Jeff. One hour in before we got a song from pre High Violet. Things got a bit better in what was the longest set of the tour to date (23 songs in 1hr 55 mins) but they also dropped my favourite non-single track off SWB (I’ll Still Destroy You). Will be interested to see what the setlist is like on the second night at Manchester as they have been varying it quite a bit.


Was a bit sore not to get I’ll Still Destroy You, that’s a great song, and a couple of the newies they played just didn’t land for me like they do on the album. Agree it took a while to get going, but once it did it was a brilliant show. Loved hearing them play Slow Show, I thought we weren’t going to get it when it wasn’t paired with Apartment Story, big grin on my face when I heard the intro. Of the new songs, I thought Carin At The Liquor Store, Guilty Party and Walk it Back all came across particularly well.


Really enjoyed it. Third time seeing 'em.

Pros - loved the variety of the set-list, loved “Hard To Find”, the screens were great, sound was good.

Cons - The three blokey dickheads stood directly behind us shouting the guitar parts, moaning about women driving (?!), stinking of Lynx Africa & loudly nattering throughout. Someone vommed on the floor about five feet away too.


They covered Love Vigilantes tonight. Hardly anyone recognised it.


Yeah, I thought they did a great version of it and it was a good choice of cover, but everyone else around me just looked a bit bored and motionless for its duration.


London people- any decent bars in the vicinity of Hammersmith Apollo?