National Flirting Week


Apparently it’s NFW this week. I hadn’t been aware and haven’t really flirted with anyone thus far.

I’m totally stepping it up from hereon.

Tell us about your charm offensive.


it’s hard to tell, feels like there’s always a large amount of flirting


Are you coming on to me?


*NSFW amiriteladz?!


I’ve prepared a stack of notes. I’m going start handing them out today.


That’s the end goal


Didn’t know you were Australian, mate.


Saps, surely you don’t need the excuse of National Flirting Week to set the world’s heart a-flutter?


dude! you need to cater the notes accordingly


It was Shayne Ward who sang that, not Shane Warne.


Check out this guy’s technique.

marckee is a pro.


I’m just gonna walk to the top of Liverpool street station and throw them off.


I’ve googled this just to make sure I’m not about to flirt when it’s not even the right week.

I’m not seeing anything here, saps. what’s your game?


You can prove anything with facts, candy.

Stop falsehood-shaming me.


stop flirting with me, it isn’t even NFW!


N(S)FW, more like


oh ffs


When you’re a DiS big shot like me you don’t need to flirt, you just go up to beautiful women and start kissing them! I can’t help myself! etc etc.

You’re not recording this are you?


Quick vine! To the edit button!


im an honest man, jeremy