National FNC Day (banal thread)

Afternoon all, it’s National fish and chip day and it’s also National Doughnut day. What a great day to be alive!

Tell me, what’s your favourite doughnut? Got any snacks on the go? Going to sneak out early cause it’s friday?

I may well get FNC at the airport later in honour of this special day.

Favourite doughnut is fudge custard, obviously

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Jam. Don’t like them that much though. Not enough jam.

No snacks, can’t sneak out early, no fish and chips round here. Total bust.

Would love a fudge custard doughnut that sounds beautiful

I hate when the jam’s off centre too.

That’s only one up from plain mate. Live a little.

I’m too scare

Praying for you :pray:

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Apple sometimes

Apple sounds good but needs custard too

Mostly jam though. I think apple sauce is nicer than apple doughnut filling

  • Too much filling so it goes all over you hands and face
  • Too little filling

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Chocolate frosted.

We went out for Fish’n’Chips at lunch (or a veggie alternative).

I did not know that it was doughnut day though.

And you didn’t take a picture? :confused:

No snacks. Kievs for tea and no I can’t go anywhere yet.
Best doughnut is them custard ones you get 5 for 60p or whatever or fairground donuts.

there is a doughnut shop down the road called Doughnut Time and it is ridiculous:

been a few times and they’re really nice, but they’re such an effort to eat given the size. plus they’re like £6 which is a lot for a doughnut.

100% getting a doughnut of some form on the way home now, thanks :doughnut:

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I’ll have a bueno Mars and a snicki minaj please

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Gonna postpone mine til sunday

Doughnut or fnc?