National Lottery

  • I do it regularly
  • I do it on occasion
  • I have done it but don’t anymore
  • Never done it

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Poor man’s Euromillions.

Sort the fucking polls out.

Unless you win!

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I have a weekly lucky dip set up. Takes no effort from me, but provides some glimmer of hope that I might one day be able to not work that I find essential for my well being


Basically a tax on hope


only do it if there’s a massive ‘rollover’ jackpot, and someone in the queue in front of me gets it when I’m queing for fags, which probably happens once every 3 or 4 years and never in Spain because you don’t buy cigarettes from the same place as the lottery. so that much.

I do buy a ticket for the christmas lottery here every year though.

I would if they brought back that big finger saying it could be you

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Haven’t done it since I stopped wandering in and out of newsagents (what did I used to go in them for??)

Used to pick up a ticket occasionally on a Saturday, don’t think I’ve ever won anything.

I have done it once. I started a new job, and the first week someone was going round collecting money off everyone for the lottery syndicate and asked if i wanted to join in. I don’t normally gamble because, you know, probability and all that, but everyone else seemed to be included and I was briefly struck by the thought that they might win and I might turn up next week and find nobody else there.

So I paid my pound and obviously we didn’t win anything and it became clear the next week that not everyone joined in anyway, and I felt like an idiot for paying a pound for basically 0 chance of getting a good return on it.

Play twice a week on Set For Life.

Does anyone actually know anyone who won big?

Family friend of ours won 80 grand on a scratch card. Won it just after she retired and she had a lovely retirement, travelling the world, not having to worry about getting by on her meagre pension. Lucky old thing.


It’s the last thing that’s holding me


samosas/cans of rubicon/black plastic bag splitting at the sides with tins ofc.


Love banging a euromillions on on Fridays


My driving instructor won the national lottery jackpot. About 1.5m I think. He moved to Cornwall and started his own driving school. I had to get a new instructor who turned out to be miles better.


We do a lucky dip once a week set up by direct debit. I’m well aware of the miniscule chances of winning anything but I don’t mind a small outlay for being able to dream big and also some money going to charity.

I get emails at like 3am on Sunday morning if I win something but you can’t ever check how much until like 7am because of system maintenance or something so I’ve definitely spend few hours fingers crossed dreaming of that jackpot and buying an insane house only find out it’s £2.40.

Did win £45 on the night before our honeymoon once though. That was nice.


if you won you’d be a glad girl

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how did he break it to you that he’d won? did he just immediately stop the classes after winning? was there an interim period between winning and leaving where you had classes and he clearly had his mind on other things?

always wonder what the practicalities of winning the lottery are.

times i’ve entered: 0
times i’ve thought in detail about how to spend my winnings: loads

something’s not right there

Usually do the Euromillions when the jackpot goes over £100m. Anything less than that isn’t worth my time tbh. Although will sometimes get a ticket when it’s at ~£80m if I’ve had a particularly bad week at work.