National Lottery

If you won big…

  • Tell no one
  • Tell your partner
  • Tell your family
  • Tell your close friends
  • Tell everyone

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  • Meeting with a financial advisor ASAP
  • Fuck that, get the cans in and go mad

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He told me during a lesson and said he was moving to Cornwall. That was the last time I saw him.

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I don’t do it because gambling is forbidden in Islam, and I’m glad because I’ve seen how addicted and reckless I am in the pokemon games casino


bought maybe four in my lifetime

including the standard getting one on your 16th birthday. the guy at the newsagents didn’t give a fuck or even ID me.

what was it like? just ‘oh by the way, i’ve won the lottery so you won’t be hearing from me again’ at the end of the class?

Never played.

Read this recently. America and Vice, obviously but quite interesting


Pretty much! Really inconsiderate tbh as I was just getting into a groove with reversing around corners.

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i’m teaching english rn so i sort of wonder what i’d do with my students.

probably just this if i’m honest

  • stick 100 grand in the dis rainy day fund anonymously and peace out without saying anything
  • nah

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I wonder sometimes if the cashier at the newsagents at the station misses me going in to claim £2.60 or whatever and joking that I’m off to the Caribbean.

Probably not, to be honest

Done it once the week I turned old enough to legally do so, assumed it was all a big con.

I’ve also never played the lottery.

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One of my colleagues is a former press photographer - he says he still fairly often gets people contact him asking if he can help them get in touch with various lottery winners he did photos of - that’s how desperate people are to try and chase winners down and beg money off them.

Honestly, can’t imagine the pressure of it. Imagine your uncle you’ve barely seen since you were a kid messages you on Facebook saying he needs £10k for something urgent, do you give it to him? Because £10k is nothing to you now, and your dad says it’s important to help family… and now his kid needs a bit too, and you helped him, so why wouldn’t you help?

Reckon I’d lose the plot and go all paranoid, Howard Hughes style, if I won. Would be scared of dying and not getting to spend it so probably go nowhere. In the Dr’s office everyday checking on my health. Worried about people killing me in my McMansion. A boy can dream!


Can be a blessing and a curse eh. Have worked in services for older people before and the shameless behavior you see from family members appearing from out of the woodwork to work financial situations to their advantage is quite depressing.

Do you ever do lucky dip and get really annoyed when it gives you shit like 3 consecutive numbers or all numbers in the 40s or something and so you buy another ticket?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would never get plane again if I won the lottery. Maybe a large commercial liner at a push but definitely not a private jet. Wouldn’t go within 500 yards of a helicopter.

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A friend’s parents won about £3m.

They gave our friend and her two sisters a big lump sum each, then bought a very nice house and have gone on lots of nice holidays.

Our friend and her partner then bought a nice house outright and did it up. Both still work to pay the bills, but they’re now completely mortgage free in their early 40’s and send their daughter to a fee-paying school.

Yeah don’t get me wrong, I’d still take the money. Would defo whack it in a trust or something that paid me good money but kept it arms reach to try and stop that kind of issue.

Remember seeing a doc once about lottery winners, one really nice couple won millions and they told their advisor the first they wanted to do was book flights to Australia to see their daughter. The advisor told them they should go first class, and they were like, oh no, there’s no need to be flashy - and the advisor pointed out that their interest accrued during the length of the flight would cover the cost of the tickets.


I used to play it every so often, usually when someone reminded me that there was a big jackpot.
The most I ever won was £80. I would win £3 (or whatever the minimum was on Euromillions?) fairly often, which was usually about as much as I put in. Getting the “You’ve won!” email was always fairly exciting though.

Don’t really bother now cos statistics, etc.

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Nothing I do will be anonymous, I’ll have my name on plaques everywhere. It’ll be the Señor Ding-Dong Rainy Day Fund from then on out.