National Lottery

Our hometown butcher won 250k, my friend from college won £1m and his best mate sold him the ticket from his weekend job in the corner shop

that’s billiards

I play every week by direct debit. I know it’s irrational, but so is being alive.

Was in a work syndicate that got 5 numbers in the 90s. We won about £250 each.

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Gonna start doing this on direct debit now, cheers

My mum did the same numbers for about 12 years and then stopped. She still checks the numbers every week even though she doesn’t play. They still haven’t come up. BUT WHAT IF THEY DO? :grimacing:

We do ours on DD I think.

I was in a work syndicate as who would not want to be when they win but then no-one wanted to organise it anymore so it stopped. Think I made about a £1 over three years.

My mum won £2.5k in around 1994 when it was only the Saturday draw. She was sat watching it live and got the first 5 numbers out. Gutted.


I had the app on my phone briefly, but had to take it off as it was too easy to chuck a tenner on, buy a lottery ticket, then spend the rest playing the online scratchcard games. Turns out them things are fairly addictive, who knew?


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What’s the logic of only entering for big jackpots btw? Your expected winnings are still basically the same regardless, and whatever the jackpot it’s always a “very big number” / life-changing amount of money. Funny old game


I’m stuck to two lines of numbers. Costs me £36-£40 a month. Can’t stop the direct debit because they’ll obviously come in (highly unlikely).

When it was 49 numbers I’d win enough to cover the roughly £450 a year, but since it changed to 59 numbers it’s virtually impossible to win.

Completely pointless.

A better idea is to do lucky dips (3 numbers or 4 numbers) on the Lotto Hotpicks or Euros Hotpicks. It’s cheaper, you’ve got a fair chance of winning, and you’re not tied to doing it forever.

I’ll stop you there

existential meltdown

(sure i read someone on here saying they knew someone who’d had that exact scenario - they didn’t play their usual numbers or they stopped and soon after a big win came up?)

I do set for life twice a week, and just do Lotto when it occurs to me (when work has pissed me off or I’ve been fantasising about owning a camper van again).

I think I would be a good lottery winner because I’d just live basically the same as I do now but would spend all day doing what I do on weekends, and would have a camper van to go on weekends away in. Would also get my shit 20 year old Yaris converted to an electric car, keeping all the insides the same except for paying a professional to sort out where the fuck the cat pee smell is still coming from whenever it gets hot.

Even if I never win I’m not sore about it because the heritage lottery fund helps keep castles from falling down and steam railways puffing along and weird little rural museums from having to close and nice things like that.

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I play every week. I have since the start (mid 90s?) and unfortunately know my numbers so if I stopped and they came up. Eeek.

I have never, ever understood why people go public. No good comes of it, literally everyone you have ever known comes out of the woodwork and people you don’t know beg for money.

I have a list of charities I would give to, and make sure my family are all sorted, and then just live a nice existence. I have very simple requirements of not working, living somewhere warm and starting a cat rescue.

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