National Pizza Day Evening thread

So how’s everyone doing?

Did you have pizza for dinner?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I’m really bored of this pizza chat

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Evening. No I didn’t, although I wanted it but I have a vat of bolognese to get through. I was tempted to get a Dominos Texas BBQ and post pictures of it in the thread to annoy the haters though.

I’m gonna have one tomorrow. Should have tonight but timings didn’t quite happen right.

I’m having a sugar free, dairy free and grain free month in an attempt to reset my eating habits. Today in the office there was cake, cookies and Ferrero Rocher. :cry:

That thread has made my mind boggle!

How had you found the first couple of days?

Had pan fried sea bass, ratatouille and new potatoes. Secretly wanted pizza, but had a Spenos one earlier in the week

I had pizza today, but was unaware it was national pizza day. What am I like!


Hiya, hope everyone is good
Rugby is starting in 2 minutes:)

Ok actually, I do it every 6 months or so when I feel I’m on the verge of getting scurvy :wink: The downside is reduced choice and a lot more preparation, the upside is that the inevitable increase in protein plus no processed sugar means hunger is regulated waaay better, you don’t get the post sugar dips. Wish I could keep it going more than a month tbh.

Just home from pizzabeers with ruffers. Gonna play deadly premonition for the rest of the night tbh.

Forgot that modern games take 45 mins to install. Fffffff

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:smiley: I wish, I had the self control! I suppose there’s a fun aspect though to researching into your weekly meals or does it just get a bit tiresome?

Not yet (check your 9-5 privilege)

How come that rectangular pizza thread’s on 500+ replies? How can you say 500 things about rectangular pizzas, even on here?

Today was a bad day

I’m not the most adventurous so I tend to have the same meal for a few days in a row then move onto the next. It’s probably the main factor in stopping me from doing it long term.


It’s mostly the same thing repeated 500 times. Turns out people really like to talk about pizza.

Hope you’re okay ttf!

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