National Service then

There was the results of a survey posted in one of the politics threads recently, which suggested a surprising number of people were in favour of introducing national service in the UK. The cynic in me thinks that the people in favour of this are likely to have been too young to have done it, but too old to have to do it now, but idk. Most other countries seem to have some kind of national service, iirc.

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  • I think it’s a good and patriotic idea.
  • No thanks.

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National Service but for having to work in a service industry for a year and it’s applied retrospectively to everyone:

  • Would make the world a nicer place
  • This is a bad idea for some reason that I’ll explain now

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People should study or train for a particular profession in which they are interested. Making someone with half arsed training be in the military or, as a friend in Germany did, look after people in a home for the elderly, isn’t going to improve any institution in which the young people will be installed. Especially if a large number of them are resentful at being forced to be there.

Can I vote for both options?

  • National service, expanded to include training to be a paramedic, nurse, fire-fighter, engineer, teacher etc
  • This is legalised slavery, you can’t force me, I’m a sovereign citizen on the land or whatever

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I don’t believe the community software allows for that in this instance.

Not quite the same thing I know, but wasn’t one of Cameron’s ideas introducing a National Citizens Service where people would, effectively, volunteer to do good works in the community? I don’t think it every amounted to anything, though (or maybe it was just in England).

Army is bad
If we can guarantee them a good wage and job security see no problem with youngsters being involved in the care/services/manufacturing industries - then carrying it on - but that’s just communism

What about The National Service, in which Matt Berninger and the boys go table to table offering people their music?

Dunno, possibly. I’m talking retail work or service work in restaurants etc.

Sounds too much like Workfare for me, Clive.

Voted bad idea as I wanted to distinguish between public and private services

I think I would still be against it as it would promote nationalism, which I don’ t like, ta

I think in certain european social democracies you’re given the option of doing care work in the community too, can see us more or less needing to do this once private medicine/healthcare has crumbled under the weight of its own costcutting

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Yeah, this always the problem; people being pissed off with where they’ve been placed and therefore not doing a good job (although arguably this equally applies to the majority of people in normal paid employment).

then again some 19 year old stinking of methadrone looking after yer ma isn’t the most wonderful thought but that’s where we are

Nah, this is about putting yr Quentins and yr Beatrices into retail jobs for a year so they become less of an arsehole.


I’m worried that would be a bit like those shows where the landlord lives in the dingy leaking flat he rents out for a week, or someone rich gets by on a budget of £30.

They generally manage it fine, then take the attitude that because they’ve dipped their toe in another world without any major problems, other people should be happy to spend their life there.

I should mention they have to do it for a year and they have all their assets seized during this period and have to live off what they’re earning.

Oh and also, we do it retrospectively to all the boomers and that


Fuck it, you’ve swayed me. I’m in!