National Service then

No one should be compelled to give their labour to any enterprise.

Ban school too.


Will you teach yr daughter to spell it labour or labor?

Given the sharp fall in global conflict over the last 25 years we can’t NOT bring it back.

Good question. I imagine labour for the time being, but if we moved to the US I would have to give in to local standards.

would be more fair to make everyone have to do it rather than just the poor people and thickos, no?

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How about colour and color?

I would treat that, and all spelling differences between UK and US English, as above Tony.


The National Service, in which Matt Berninger drinks a bottle of red wine and does boring covers of Postal Service songs


There is something to that, particularly given the Army’s fairly questionable targeting of 16 year olds in areas of the country where there are few other prospects of decent employment.

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Assuming that it’s mainly baby boomers expressing a preference for bringing it back, then miltarising young people ahead of the coming generational war can only be a good thing :+1:

the generation that pretends they were involved in and constantly bring up the war, but weren’t, yes


I’m all for introducing national service for layabout, retired baby-boomers. They don’t know they’re born, etc…

(But generally, I’m against it. If only for the reason that our Governments have a history of being warmongering cunts.)

Not necessarily averse to non-military national service, it does make the more anarchic side of me slightly uneasy though

I can potentially see some potential to distributing the management and running of state infrastructure to the wider populace though.

Definitely the ones who always go on about it should have to do it first.

yes. Anyone who hasn’t got an excuse for doing nothing. Nothing military based though. Just gardening, or making nice things, or volunteering at shelters, litter picking, filling fireoworks. That kind of thing. Would apply to all ages. Would be wonderful

I can see it becoming work for your dole money. Fuck that.


Fuck that. Just bang everyone in prison for a year.


As some dullard letter-writer in the Guardian today unwittingly highlighted, the only difference between national service and doing voluntary work is the element of compulsion.

So if you’re in favour of it, the first thing you have to do is justify the compulsion.

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in our current dystopia. yes. but with robots and full employment it could be a really relaxed bit of work for your local community for a great wage

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