National Treasure (not the Nic Cage one)



This starts tonight. Nice to see Robbie Coltrane back on channel 4, I miss Cracker.


yeah looks decent this, will give it a whirl. out tonight mind, so no spoilers about whether he’s a peodo or not. thx


He might be a peodo.




Still livid



100% he’s a paedo. No way he can’t be. Otherwise it is just being apologetic for real life celeb paedos and it will be a mother fucker for people to come out and report historic paedo crimes and shit.

Should be called 100% paedo but as it isn’t zxcvbnm can use it for his autobiography.



Not Agreed

You missed out on a precious Like here dickhead.


I’ll give him a like on your behalf.


You gonna be watching this Lonzo? Might be a bit too intelligent and clever compared to the stuff you usually watch.


Yeah can’t see a big budget drama coming out in support of the maybe-paedos these days tbh


reckon it’ll be ambiguous and end without a clear resolution and when they come under criticism the producers will go ‘we just wanted to raise awareness and start a debate’


Hope it doesn’t play its cards to close to its chest.


At 10pm I gather it’s followed by a programme called ‘It Was Alright in the 70s’.


I’m a man for all seasons.

It looks like ITV trash but I may give it a go. My wife wants to watch it even though she has heard my 100% paedo theory.


Tim McKinnery’s character at the start there with his award telling Robbie Coltrane it was nonce sense :open_mouth:

Reckon I’ve found a little hidden message there.


i’ve got eamon and ruth on instead. had people on who have racing horses but buy “the trophies they can’t win”. had a man who paid “quite a lot of money” for a grand national trophy from the 70s.


Ha ha that sounds completely ridiculous! Like having one of those plastic Oscars that say ‘Best Supporting DiSer’.


I didn’t know that was now a category in the DiS football awards


Backwards shower was good
Spent a good part of it looking for his nipples though