National Treasure to National Chump

Notable examples?

Richard Hammond has to be a pretty solid contender. From life-threatening car crash and recovery:

to “gay ice cream” nonsense:

Is this the ‘Cunt in a car crash to cunt being homophobic on telly’ thread?


Was he a cunt in 2006? I remember him being quite well-liked. I mean, not by everyone, but by a good number of people.

Jade goodey managed to go from chump (bit thick) to treasure (thick but well meaning) to chump (racist) to treasure (dead). Can’t think of anyone who’s managed to make the jump more times


Stephen Fry has managed it a few times.

All of the Yewtree lads.

Hugh Grant sprang to mind, but dunno where we’re at post-Leveson.

He doesn’t jump anymore. He just simultaneously exists as chump and treasure. He’s schroedingers twat


Hammond has always been an annoying wanker.


Granted. But I remember the fuss over him when he crashed and nearly died - I read that over £200,000 was raised for the local air ambulance. I think that he was widely liked (even if the average DiSer probably thought he was a tosser).

For when people want to know where the king of likes gets his material from.


When was he a chump? I think he’s great.

Princess Diana


Rooney (12 years ago)

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A cunt in either case, but still. Hammond:

  • Being an edgelord to get more eyes on the product
  • Pathetically scared to eat ice cream in case someone thinks he’s gay

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Yeah, same could be said of a whole bunch of promising young footballers

It all sounded a bit Mark from Peep Show talking about football but with laddy banter instead.


I’ve seen Biggins on a few things recently which is a bit weird

Hammond’s always been a smug twat, he’s like inverdales even more irritating younger brother