National treasures

Which celebs would you say are national treasures in the UK? Feel free to utilise polls to come to democratic conclusions on national treasure status.

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Andy Murray
Dame Judi Dench

Attenborough but I’m not sure why.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell.

Really miss autofill from old DiS.

Nick Knowles

Initially misread this as Dame Judy Murray, which would be an accurate suggestion in any case. (Agree with both of your suggestions too.)

I was toying with the idea of including Judy Murrray as well.

Big Narstie


@shrewbie (len)

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Purple Aki

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Stephen Fry?

  • Still a national treasure
  • Maybe was once a national treasure but is a bit of a buffoon these days
  • Never was a national treasure

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don’t get the fascination with Fry. knows quite a bit about a few things and has a pleasant voice. so what?

You leave Victoria THE FUCK alo… oh, I see. Carry on.

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I don’t know. There was a certain self-deprecating charm about him for a while - plus he had some well-documented health problems and it was a relief to see him get through these. Plus Jeeves and Wooster. But these days: not so sure.

Wow really? Judy Murray as a a National Treasure? Have it on good authority by a mate who worked as a ball girl at Wimbledon that she is an absolute chode. Wanted to be treated like tennis royalty apparently even though she’s famous for being Andy’s mum.

you forgot to mention the fraud and doing a runner from that west end show man

Yeah I think that was because he was unwell to the point of near-suicide: Stephen Fry Reveals Going Missing During 1990s West End Stint Saved His Life: 'I Would Have Killed Myself' | HuffPost UK Entertainment

And I didn’t know about the fraud, but it looks like he was about 17 at the time.

Ah. I’m happy to back down on this one, though I think that the ‘popular vote’ would have her down as a national treasure

Just asked my pal for the finer details of what went down.

Take it to Popbitch, Jezza!

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