<nationality> man, <nationality> woman


First image search hit.



Not sure why the English hate headphones but otherwise yeah, okay.


guys though


Scotsman … excellent.

Scotswoman… sigh.


Tbf you do all wear holdups



also fair.


Somali. The woman is running for president, the man played a pirate in Captain Philips


Right well I’m half-Paraguayan so

Paraguayan man: the lovely Roque Santa Cruz

Paraguayan woman: the equally lovely Leryn Franco

(OK the first image was some woman with her tatas out but luckily the link wouldn’t work)


Belgian! I mean the dude looks boring (safetywink in the very real scenario that this is a DiSser) so sure



Belgian men are the fittest


again…not unfair


Fair, we don’t have colour cameras yet.


being half Paraguayan is pretty cool i reckon.

i have never met anyone from there to my knowledge. I met a Honduran at the weekend who was ace, so I am working my way down the map slowly from central to south.


i hope the bonnet hat comes back


Spain (we so phit)


That man looks in a state of deep suspicion, like someone’s taken some of his lunch and he thinks it’s the cameraman


done esta mi paella? -_-



Weirdly that photo of the Swedish woman is accompanying an article from a PewdiPie fan site with the headline ‘23% of Swedish Women Will be Raped by Nonwhite Immigrants’.

A* picture research.


Ah classic alarmingly anti-foreigner Sweden <3 you just can’t stop 'em.