#NationalSandwichDay - lunch thread



I realise it’s early but I’m pretty hungry. What’re you eating on this fine NSD? I have brought nothing in with me so lunch is seemingly my oyster. Might fuck off to Moro on Exmouth Market for a lamb flatbread.


Thought everyone just used their contactless bank card these days


Haven’t even had breakfast yet.


Some great #london content there Aggers.


it’s chicken burrito day in the cafe so I will be having that


It’s fish and chips day in the canteen so obviously I won’t be having that.


just had pitta bread with marmite if that counts


Brought in a lunch, and it’s a noodle salad thing from Coop. Had the ploughmans sandwich from Pret yesterday though, solid choice as always. 7.5/10

Also met my folks for lunch on Wednesday and went to a Davy’s Wine Bar (yes) and I had a rare roast beef with horseradish on granary. Frontloaded to fuck, so the middle bits were over an inch thick but the edges were a beefless expanse of rocket. Also they put butter in it WHY (should have asked for none like a sensible human). Probably 7/10, but lots of potential to improve.

There was free lasagne one day this week. Just tons of veggie lasagne, chicken and other stuff (catering for a bit meeting that didn’t happen). Amazing scenes, 9/10!


Subway are offering free sandwiches before 12.00 if you have a Subcard.

I’m having green soup.


That’s the worst sandwich I’ve ever seen. Even for Subway.


Deffo counts shrewbs and is the first sandwich consumed in this thread so far. Congratulations!


I did mean to pre-empt this kind of joke with the use of the word ‘instead’.


i had a cheese and tomato sandwich with some paprika crisps and a cookie and now i am going to drink a cup of tea.


The canteen somehow sent out next week’s lunch menu this week so I have no idea what’s in store for me. No sandwich though, this is one goose that can’t eat bread.


:grinning: / :slightly_frowning_face:


Good lunching ghosty. This is my standard lunch I reckon.


No national sandwiches for me, I’ve got something Iranian and I can’t remember it’s name but it’s really good


Whose bullshit idea was it to make National Sandwich Day a Friday? It’s the only day of the week I am likely not to have a sandwich for lunch.


Got a pure hankering for toasted cheese, and I’m gonna drown it with tobasco, Worcester sauce and brandy in pickle


Brandy in pickle :thinking: branston pickle even