Natural Laxatives


It’s the hip new movement you’ve been waiting for.

-Bags of chocolate peanuts




I don’t believe that either of those things are natural.


Freshens up the entrance the digestive system, but not the exit? There’s something to ponder.


Sorry Dr.




coffee and a fag


Prunes, but not prune juice apparently - the poo enabling goodness is in the skins.

I have learnt a lot watching Operation Ouch on CBBC…


Does it have the same presenters as that New York program?


Fig rolls.




Mortal fear


aloe vera juice (haven’t tried this for myself)


Is the New York show presented by a pair of identical twin doctors? If so, possibly…


Four cheese pizza (for Epimer)


Liquorice? (I assume so as my liquorice tea says not to have more than one cup a day)


ah no, that’ll be the other guys that do loads of other bbc docs. I don’t mind them, I admired their conviction when one got absolutely hammered on vodka until he started crying to camera.


maybe you could end up with a lace of liquorice the length of you digestive system?


Stress is what’s caused me to be bunged up!


oh no! sorry :frowning: