Naviar Virtual 30 Nov - Scott Lawlor (interview + live set)

Join us on November 30th on next edition of Naviar Virtual with an Interview and a Live Set with Scott Lawlor.

A jack of all trades, veteran musician Scott Lawlor, composes in different sub-genres such as dark ambient and light ambient, solo piano, cosmic drone and avant-garde, both as a solo artist and as a revered collaborating partner with many other well-established artists in the ambient community.

*Naviar Virtual is a monthly online event hosted by Naviar Records, which aims to bring online the spirit of Naviar’s yearly physical events, currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event will be live on our YouTube channel, and for more information please go to our event page in Facebook.

Hey everyone, below is the link to our YouTube Channel where the event will take place tomorow evening!

Don’t forget to tune in!