navigating thru the genius of Bill Nelson

I’d heard Red Noise and heard OF Be Bop Deluxe, and they’re cool, but I heard this for the first time yesterday and it’s totally blowing my tiny jaded mind:

also, how much does this bang? A lot!

and the vibes here? Pure :fire:


love that whirls is a really great album (one of my most listened a couple of years ago), but I’ve barely explored beyond this album and quit dreaming and get of the beam for some reason. This one’s my favourite so far:

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Yes! Nice one. I’d basically listened to about 3/4 of that on Spotify and had to order the record offa Discogs immediately. Have also ordered the Acceleration 12" and Sounding The Ritual Echo. Bangers!

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Don’t know much about him at all

But I’ve been a big fan of this tune for a while:


Yeah, that track is a banger!

I love the Bill Nelson tracks I’ve heard but also know next to nothing about him!

This one’s got a great groove:

Think his sound is similar-ish to Thomas Leer who’s also worth a look:

Nice, yeah, I know Thomas Leer but not that track :slight_smile:

nuther Bill Banger

Sounding the Ritual Echo is so great

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