Navigation bar borked? (Mobile)

Seems to be frozen midway down my screen - struggling to use it to change boards/see notifications etc

Follows me down when I scroll

Now it’s down here?

Came here to say the same

Standard works, so it might just be Graceful


Ah yeah! That’s really weird!

the navigatotional bar simply does not appear when i am in a thread, i am lost without it

edit : actually it appears at the top of the thread only, it does not follow me on my adventures 300 posts deep etc

If you’re in Graceful it seems like that might be the problem.

However there is a setting to make it replaced with the title when you scroll in mobile mode. You need to check the box in your Preferences -> Interface bit. I think it’s the last checkbox

its gone for a wander

graceful is also borked in that it doesnt tell you new post since you last visited a thread and unread ones from last time in mobile mode, just the new ones I think

i’m in grey skull (it always defaults to that)

tested the other modes and there was still no navbar downthread (with the exception of graceful) - the checkbox you mentioned was already checked!


Sorry. Uncheck it!

Was on desktop so couldn’t see it.

still nothing!

i have since learned to live with this issue and adjust my DiSing process accordingly, but I’ll never take the navbar for granted again :cry:

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Well and truly borked indeed.

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It’s doing it on desktop as well as mobile, too.


Is anyone having this issue in any other theme than graceful? @sean have you been tweaking any theme settings by any chance? :blush:

I checked them all and it’s only a problem with Graceful

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Doesn’t sound very graceful to me!

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I haven’t trounced a thing, guv


Leave Sean alone you ungraceful sods!

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