⛹ 🗑 🏀 NBA 2018/19 🏀 🗑


man, knicks have come to play this year. I know they’re like bottom of the conference, but they’re playing damn hard.


yeah their D is solid and they’re spreading the points. Really hope we see KP back this season.

Klay went nuts last night


Zion Williamson hype train…

6ft 7, 18 years old, 285lbs(!!!)


No one weighing 20 stone should be able to dunk from the FT line


…and he’s not even the best player on his team!


game projects to be maybe slightly better in the NBA though, which is why I pick him over RJ if I get the 1 pick.


I’m starting to worry that Pascal Siakim’s Most Improved Player award will be overshadowed… by his MVP campaign.


absolutely love how much chris paul has lost his wig this season



I am absurdly excited by what the Raptors have shown so far, and this kind of article isn’t helping:

Can everyone pile in and remind me that Kawhi is almost certainly going to bolt at the end of the season please?


Course he is, but you can enjoy the ride knowing that


Warriors might be breaking apart after KD and Draymond have a major fall out, then lose to the Rockets.




Kind of agree with sir Charles that gs need kd more than they need dray. Plus they need to fill seats in that new arena.




not working for me chief



Raptors beat GS by 20 on the road the other day without Leonard! they are balling early.

Love me some NBA, longtime laker’s fan here. Grew up loving Magic, Worthy, AC Green, Michael Cooper, Kurt Rambis. Massive Kobe fan. Being from the northeast of the states (Celtics country! boo), not many lakers fans around here. Would really love to dump Lonzo.


kurt rambis is one of the coolest looking guys to play the game


also, I am a celtics fan. welcome to the nba thread