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we’re past draft night/all star shit, so new season, new thread.

Kemba to the Cs is looking likely, and I’m very excited.


  • bust
  • mediocre player
  • all star by 2nd season

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wow that would be massive news. He is already beloved in the Northeast being from Uconn. Perfect fit if you ask me.

He would look just fine in purple and gold. Heard the other day though they might bring deangelo Russell back,. Ehhh

He can’t shoot, and I’m not sure you can be a true all-NBA level player without a decent jumper. Don’t think he’ll be terrible, but also think he’s hugely overhyped.

Beginning to think Kyrie might have talked his way out of a much bigger market for his services - he’s a very good player but team,s where he’s the #1 guy have generally achieved nothing. I’m not a huge admirer of Kemba’s but his mentality is a much better fit for the Celtics.

That would be a real coup but surely there’s no way the Warriors let Klay leave if KD is also heading out the door? Klay is one of my favourite players, and hideously underrated.

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brooklyn or new york would take kyrie in a heartbeat. I don’t know about the lakers given his history with Lebron but apparently they patched it up this season? I think he’s one more drama away from being a toxic asset, but at the moment, he can choose where he plays. really bummed he didn’t work out on the celtics - one of the best ball handlers of all time, clutch player, drives defences crazy, but is a massive lunatic.

I think he ends up in LA.

Brooklyn/NY don’t make any sense unless they manage to get KD - he’ll have the same problem he had on Boston: young teams full of players trying to earn contracts where he has to lead.

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keep forgetting Kawhi is a free agent. would be really cold of him to leave Toronto though.

Jimmy butler a free agent too I believe.

I don’t think Jimmy is gonna be the make or break player that would entice Kyrie to play somewhere though.

Butler and Harden would be a cool combo.

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Love jimmy. But to be honest much rather have a kemba than a kyrie. Guy doesn’t bad mouth teammates/organizations like kyrie. Just balls. Saw kemba play at UConn 25 times at least (dad biggest UConn fan in world has season tickets), he is SO fucking sweet.


still remember when he cooked us for like 40 pts when we played the hornets last season.

edit: 43 pts.

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We were at Madison square garden when UConn won the big east championship when kemba just took over. Broke a guys ankles on a step back from Pitt I believe. It was like 5 games in 5 days, when the big east was TOUGH. Kemba just dominated. Jim Calhoun (UConn’s former coach, won 3 titles) was the fucking sweetest guy ever. Legend in this state.

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If kemba comes to Boston I guarantee his jersey sales with be top 3 because of his Connecticut ties.

All my buddies here would lose their shit if kemba came to the c’s.

He basically straight up told Toronto he had no intention of staying before the trade, so while it would be unusual it wouldn’t be unexpected. Masai Ujiri has been trying to tear down the Raptors roster and rebuild ever since he took the GM job - if Kawhi leaves they’ll look to move Lowry, Ibaka and Gasol and rebuild around Siakam/Anunoby/Van Vleet.

I’m a Raptors fan and would be disappointed if Kawhi left (I’m increasingly optimistic he’ll stay for one more year and then go for a 5 year deal next offseason), but the title was worth it. If he’s healthy there’s no doubt in my mind he’s the best two way player in the league. That said, would be gutted if Kawhi joined the Lakers.

lol, glad there’s no knicks fans here.

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